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Agrimm Technologies is a world leader in the development and manufacture of effective, safe and environmentally friendly biological plant protection products. Agrimm was established in 1984 and has its headquarters in a purpose built production facility located at Lincoln, near Christchurch in clean green New Zealand's South Island. Agrimm has established distribution channels through specialized distributors in Australia, South Africa, Turkey, UK and the US.

Agrimm's founders believed that effective crop management products could be developed from the vast array of natural microbes existing in the environment. Focusing on the Trichoderma family of beneficial fungi, a portfolio of safe, easy-to-use and cost effective products have been developed using these natural bio-active ingredients.

We are a biotechnology company that identifies, develops, manufactures and markets effective natural pest and crop management products for agriculture and horticulture. Throughout our 20 years of research and development superior strains (bio-types) of Trichoderma have been collected, isolated, screened and tested in extensive bio-assays and field trials. Selected product bio-types with the desired properties are then grown individually in pure culture before being combined into unique active ingredient combinations. Depending on product type, the final product is formulated with proprietary mixtures of nutrients and promoters to ensure optimal farm side performance of the bio-actives.

Trichoprotection® is the quality mark for the unique range of natural and environmentally safe products manufactured and marketed by Agrimm. This international branding is our guarantee of quality and farm side performance. These Biological-fertiliser and Biological-fungicide products are all certified organic and produce a range of plant and crop benefits including improved growth, vigour and yield as well as enhanced plant health.

Agrimm's current biological fungicide product portfolio offers superior user-friendly properties and performance equal to synthetic chemical pesticides. It includes Sentinel and Vinevax, which are all registered as bio-pesticides. Our biological fertiliser range includes Tricho and Lettucemate that offer unique plant benefits and compare favourably with other biological products in their ease of use, efficacy, cost benefit and environmental safety.

Agrimm has developed collaborative research initiatives with Universities and Research Institutes in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Italy. Our primary research provider is The Centre of Excellence for Advanced Bio-Protection Technologies (Bio-Protection Centre) located at nearby Lincoln University. Headed by Professor Alison Stewart, the Bio-Protection Centre has world-class facilities and expertise facilitating the identification and development of new and novel natural bio-actives for application into various agricultural crop and plant management systems.

David Gale - Co.Founder and Managing Director
W Bill Hartley BSc (Hons) - Production Manager
Memorial - John Hunt

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